Singing the praises of Sshuttle

Need a no-brainer proxy server? Look no further. VPN without a fob and Windows only software? This is your ticket. Need to keep your goodies safe while working in the local cafe? You’ve got it. Sshuttle!

When we started the business, we talked about setting up a proxy server through which we could route traffic. There was talk of buying some hardware. There was some research into getting one of our Apache boxes lined up to do the work. And then a friend mentioned SShuttle. That is all you need.

Runs as client software on Linux/Mac. The only ‘server’ configuration you need is ssh access to the machine you want to act as your proxy. Point Sshuttle from your local box to that machine, and it’ll route all your traffic through an ssh tunnel to that machine and voila!

  • Instant VPN with no company branded keys, fobs etc
  • Encrypted traffic
  • Proxied traffic

It came up just recently when, while working from Barcelona, Spain, I needed to access a site that was only viewable from the US. Since the proxy machine lives in the Bay Area, I pointed Sshuttle to that box, and the destination site thought I was also in the Bay Area.

A powerful tool in a tiny easy to use package.